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Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Price in India

You can buy wireless bluetooth earphones in India with the expert guide of EarphonePrice.in

If you are planning to buy branded wireless bluetooth earphones online then price starts from 1500 to 10000 or upto as you want according to the quality of products. All products are available at amazon according to the price (low to high), brand, colors and types.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are the best and the latest trend in India. It is not only cost effective but also easy to use, travel with and most of all, fashionable too!

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are a great choice for those who want to be free from wires.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are the best and the latest trend in India. It is the perfect accessory for your daily use.

Just 15 minutes of charging gives you up to 8+ hours of continuous playtime. (But it depends upon the quality of the device.)

Enjoy music in comfort wherever you go!

What are the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones?

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are comfortable and very easy to use. Users can play music via their cell phones in a simple and easy way, just like using any other earbuds. It can also be used as a headset for calling or Voices Over IP. These earphones support Bluetooth 1.2 version which supports low power consumption and long-range up to 10 meters.

Bluetooth wireless technology gives you the freedom to listen to your favorite music and phone calls, while still allowing you the ability to take and receive calls without having to remove the earphone.

Earphones with this feature are now available at an affordable price. Pair these Bluetooth earphones with any Bluetooth-enabled device for a clear and crisp sound.

You can listen to your music without the hassle of tangled cords. Bluetooth wireless earphones eliminate the need for a cord. It connects directly to your device via Bluetooth technology.

Brand new Bluetooth wireless earphones are designed to give you a distraction-free audio experience. You can listen to your favorite tracks hands-free while you work out, jog, or just walk around town. They are suitable for all types of activities.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are a great choice for those who want to be free from wires.

What are the Benefits of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones?

  1. Wireless earphones solve the problems of adjusting wire like you are facing in wired earphones when you are traveling, sleeping, watching movies, running, etc.
  2. Sound quality is outstanding nowadays as technology is upgrading.
  3. You can take a call if you are a few steps away from your smartphone.
  4. Connection stability improved.
  5. You can control (music, calls and others) your smartphone by using voice assistance of earphones.
  6. Portable/Easy to Use & Carry.

What are the Features of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones?

  1. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  2. Voice Assistance
  3. Quality Driver used to make Sound Superb
  4. Water Proof
  5. Sweat Resistance
  6. Available with Multi Colors
  7. Having smart control over + increasing & – decreasing sound volume
  8. Long Battery Life
  9. Microphone & Bluetooth with upgraded version
  10. Compatible for Laptop, Android, iOS Device.
  11. Portable and lightweight

Where to Take Ideas for Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Price?

To check Earphone Price you need visit one and only specific platform earphones the name is EarphonePrice.in. Confirm your brand new Earphone Price in India.

There are lots of variations, type, color and brand of bluetooth wireless earphones. The best range in India for earphones is Rs 1k to 5K.

On a big site, the final product to buy can be a very complicated task. Because, There are lots of advertisements for new brands listed. Sometimes it is not easy to find the right one that you want to buy.

These earphones can be a type of wireless, wired or special offer that indian People like to buy.

When to Check out Earphone Price?

  1.  We will suggest checking Earphone Price when you need it. Without spending much time, you can check according to the suggestions of EarphonePrice.
  2. Secondly, perfect options you have when any special offers or sale is going on for particular products that you want to get. If you have patience then wait for these offers. You can save money. This is the plus point.

What is Name of these Sale & Offers:

  • Weekly Sale
  • Monthly Sale
  • Festival Sale
  • New Year Sale
  • 30% Discount or More
  • 50% Discount or More
  • 70% Discount or More

How Much We Can Save Money From These Sales:

You need to be active on EarphonePrice If you want to get good Deals & Offers. You can save money upto 50% or more of the products. Our team will update you when something amazing happens, kind of offer, sale, coming soon any device.

How to Choose Branded Earphones Quickest Ways?

  1. Decide your type of earphones you want.
  2. Decide your requirement for what purpose you want.
  3. Decide your budget for particular products you want.
  4. Use of latest Technology of Search Box

Which Earphones Are the Best According to Earphone Price?

  1. Branded Earphones like Boat, Sony, Bose, Apple
  2. Earphones Range will be Rs 1000 to 5000.
  3. Comfortable To Wear
  4. Durable
  5. Manufactured by Quality Standard. (Image)
  6. Good Sound Quality
  7. Easy to clean
  8. Expensive earphones must come with a good case that is easy to carry.

What is EarphonePrice?

EarphonePrice is an All-in-one platform to recommend the branded earphones that come with good sound quality. This platform is very easy to use specially created to give our audience excellent experience.

You don’t need to deep dive in EarphonePrice.in to explore the best earphones. Because All products & content information listed in a very decent way.

You can find wireless bluetooth earphones with mic, wired earphones, earbuds, headphones and many more types in EarphonePrice.


Frequently Asked Questions

First of all you need to find the repair areas of earphones.

Which Is the Areas to Repair In Wired and Wireless Earphones:

  1. Wired Earphones: Wire, Jack, Mic, Left or Right Speaker
  2. Wireless Earphones: Mic, Speaker, Battery, Charging Jack

If you have wired earphones then I can guess the problem can happen in the wire, jack, mic, left or right speaker.

How to Repair Earphones Wire?

Check if its wire is connected or soldered properly or not. If not, Then try to fix it carefully.

How to Repair Earphones Head Jack?

Firstly, Check its jack is connected or soldered properly with wire or not. If not, Understand the sequence of wires that are connected with the jack, Then try to fix it carefully if some wires are not connected perfectly.

Secondly, Use Heat Shrink Tube according to a size like 2.mm to 4. Mm. After that,

Third one, if your earphones jack working fine but broken only outside wire then highly recommend to get Heat Shrink Tube. Your earphone jack wire problems will be fixed.

If you have wireless earphones then problems can be found in Mic, Speaker, Battery, Charging Jack.

Check its earphone speaker wire connected or soldered properly or not with the speaker. If not, Then try to fix it. After it is done, Connect all parts with each other very carefully.

Open your earphone mic and check its location where you mic connected. Carefully you need to check the negative and positive (Sign) connection in which the wires are connected.

If you find any connections are not connected then fix them with the use of iron soldering.
After following the steps, if it is not working fine then try to change the earphone mic from the old mic of unwanted earphone.

Otherwise check this page for getting earphone mic.

We face these problems mostly with non branded wired earphones, wireless earphones and headphones and other listening devices.

Fix your earphones that only work in one ear with only single step. Check the wire where your left or right earphone is not working.

If this is not connected or soldered properly or broken with the use of a long time. Then try to fix it very carefully. You need iron soldering to fix it.

  1. Iron Soldering
  2. Heat Shrink
  3. Screw Driver
  4. Fevikwik
  5. Glue Gun

To connect bluetooth earphones to laptop follow these simple step:-

  1. Turn on your bluetooth earphones but make sure its battery is charged.
  2. Turn on your laptop but make sure the bluetooth driver is installed. (By default it will already installed you need to click on it)
  3. Check the bluetooth icon from Taskbar left side bottom corner or search from your laptop.
  4. Open it + Click on Add bluetooth device & wait for a few seconds. You will see devices that will be ready to pair.
  5. Pair it + You will listen from your earphone mic like “Your device is connected.”

Already covered in Question number 6 & 11: Read now.

Are you planning to clean whole your earphones 

How to clean Earphone Speaker:

You can clean wire with ear wax but very carefully without destroying the earphone spekers’s upper part.

Earphone Wire: 

Step1: Take some less hot water. 

Step2: Mix in some drops of lemon. 

Step3: Take soft cotton and clean the wire with your created paste.

Step4: You can also use an earphone cleaning kit.

This way you can clean your earphones at home.

Step1: Identify the Left and Right Sign of Earphones
Step2: Adjust the earphones cap according to your ear comfort.
Step3: Use directly on your ear that sits but make sure don’t push it with much force

This problem can happen when you are not using updated systems. But you can use earphones as a mic on a PC with a few steps.

Speaker > Recording devices > Microphone > Properties > Advanced > 2 Channel 24 bit 192000 Hz (Studio Quality) > Apply > Listen > Listen to this device > Apply > OK

  1. See your back panel of (personal computer) PC.
  2. You will see three ports the colors of these are red, yellow and blue.
  3. Connect your earphones in the Red ports of the back panel of your PC & Refresh the Screen.
  4. Go to the right bottom corner.
  5. Click on the “Speaker icon” & options will be shown
  6. But, You have to click on “Recording devices” & options will be shown
  7. Right click on “Microphone” & options will be shown
  8. But, You have to click on “Properties”.
  9. After clicking, you can see “Microphone Properties options” . You can see two options, number one is Microphone low level and high level controls. Second is Microphone Boost and its low and high controls
  10. Like, You can see “Listen”
  11. After clicking, Microphone Volume control. You can adjust its volume at a low level and high level. Second is Microphone Boost and its low and high controls
  12. After “step6” you have to click “Advanced” and click the dropdown option.
  13. Select the “2 Channel 24 bit 192000 Hz (Studio Quality)”
  14. Click only Apply Button (Not ok as well now) + Go to “Listen” Microphone Properties options.
  15. Tick the check box the name is “Listen to this device”
  16. Click on Apply Button & OK.

How to Test Earphones Mic Working On PC or Not After Following the Steps?

Follow step 1,2,3 and Microphone will shown and Tab or Know your earphones mic. You will know earphones mic working fine. If the volume bar moves up and down.

This is the way you can fix or set up your earphones on a PC when not working.

I am showing my ways to charge my wireless bluetooth earphones.

Step1: I will find first my wireless earphones’s charging ports

Step2: Led Light Indicator will ON. Most bluetooth wireless earphones nowadays come with LED features.

Step3: When it will connect on your laptop or Android phones, iOS phones then Charging Box shows you about How much Wireless Bluetooth Earphones charged.

#1: You have to Turn on Bluetooth from your Smart Mobile Phone. Maybe you need to long-press the Bluetooth icon.
#2: You have to also Turn on wireless bluetooth earphones but make sure it is in Pair Mode. Pairing mode required in some wireless bluetooth earphones like i faced in Mi bluetooth wireless earphones. I did long-presse the Bluetooth Power ON/OFF button for 3 to 5 Second to start its pairing mode ON.
#3: You can search for the name of your bluetooth wireless earphones from your iPhone or Android mobile phones.
#4: Tap with your Thumb to on your earphones. Other bluetooth earphones are also listed on your mobile. You can check & remove.
#5: Your earphones will be connected with your iOS or Android mobile device.

So, This is the easiest way to activate or connect or use Bluetooth earphones on mobile.

Also, Read Q. 6 (how to connect bluetooth earphones to laptop)

  • Check the back panel of your PC.
  • Check the three ports whose colors are red, yellow and blue.
  • Connect your headjack of wired earphones in the Red ports of the back panel of your PC
  • So, This is a very easy way to connect earphones to a pc.
  • Read Q:10 If you want to “how to use earphones as mic on pc”

Over use of every earphones can harm your ears. Music is bad for your ears when you play earphones at full volume.

Doesn’t matter if your earphones are branded or not, very good sound quality

Earphones also give you warning when you are trying to listen with full volume. You can enjoy the full bass full volume and ignore the outside noise but the EarphonePrice team does not recommend using earphones for long hours.

The EarphonePrice team gives you a solution to use earphones without damaging ears.

  1. Don’t listen to music in High Volume.
  2. If you use noise cancelling earphones but don’t listen in High Volume to ignore the complete outside noise.
  3. Listen to music as comfortable as you are when using wired, bluetooth wireless earphones, with mic, without mic & earbuds but dont cross the limit of use.

How loud earphones you should keep when you are on motorbike, conversation, busy traffic, whispering, plane taking off.

  • During motorbike: 90dB
  • During Conversation: 60dB
  • During Busy traffic: 70 to 85dB
  • During Whispering: 30dB
  • During Plane taking off: 120dB
  • Full volume of Headphones: 100 to 110dB

dB stands for “Decibels”. It is a unit that is used to measure the intensity of a sound.

The EarphonePrice team recommends using loud music in headphones better than earbuds, wireless earphones.

Always Remember

Hearing sound or music over 85dB (decibels) and use of long hours can destroy your ears permanently. It doesn’t matter how old you are.
Don’t use earphones or headphones, especially when you are travelling on bike, car, or walking on the road.

TWS stands for “True Wireless Stereo”. TWS earphones are an upgraded version of wireless bluetooth earphones. The technology that allows you to connect or pair two audio devices to your mobile, pc, laptop through Bluetooth. We are able to listen to music individually from both channels R (right) and L (left).

Driver is a small speaker unit that delivers sound to our ears.

In technical terms if i explain then it is electromagnetic device that convert electronic signal to audible sound. So that we can hear the audio.

Drivers are of disc shape or may be coming in the different-2 sizes.

The bigger driver, the bigger bass. I agreed, but it does not mean that the bigger the driver, the more the sound quality. The sound quality depends on many factors. It depends on what type of sound is required.

You can take the example of comparing the “megapixels” of a mobile camera.

Drivers consist of the three components.

  • Magnetic
  • Voice Coil
  • Diaphragm
  1. Dynamic Driver
  2. Planar Magnetic Driver
  3. Balanced Armature Driver
  4. Electrostatic DriverHybrid Driver

#1. Dynamic Drivers: It is a very common driver. It is good for bass and used for producing decent sound quality. But, not good at producing high frequency sounds.

#2. Planar Magnetic Drivers: This driver we can see in high end earphones. It is more expensive than a dynamic driver. This is used to produce clean and accurate sound.

#3. Balanced Armature Driver: This type of driver is very small in size. It is used in earbuds and in-ear earphones. Good in producing high frequency sound but not good at producing high bass sound.

#4. Electrostatic Driver: Electrostatic Driver used in extremely expensive earphones to produce exceptional sound quality.

#5. Hybrid Driver: Hybrid driver is a combination of balanced armature driver and dynamic driver. It used to produce superb quality sound in every range of frequency. Its sound is vibrant and detailed.

The size of the driver in one earphone is usually from 1mm to 15mm.

There 4 best ways to keep earphones safe steps give below:

Step1: Use Heat Shrink Tube if your earphones cord or head wire is broken after a long use. You can prevent and increase the age of your earphone cord by using Heat Shrink Tube. Easily available on amazon.

Step2: After using, close earphone wire properly and Keep in the earphones case.

Step3: If you have earbuds, TWS earphones then make your keep switch OFF after using these devices. Good for making durable products.

Step4: After a month, you can clean your earphones. Ref Q. 8 If you don’t know how to clean earphones.

The dual driver earphones are designed to improve the sound quality. One driver handles the high and mid range of sound frequency. Bass is handled by the second piece of driver.

You can check the sign of L denoted for use Left side & R denoted for use Right side of the ear. This way you can identify left and right earphones.

French engineer Ernest Mercadier invented it in 1891. Source: wikipedia.

Noise cancellation (NC) is a technology used in earphones to reduce the amount of unwanted noise it receives. NC earphones are available as over-the-ears (OtEs) and in-ears varieties. In general, NC earphones allow you to enjoy your music without any external distraction and maintain a clear and pure sound quality.

First of all you can switch OFF and ON then try to pair it with your device. If it does not work then there may be an earphone mic that needs to be fixed. You can repair it. Read: (Q.3)


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