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About EarphonePrice.in

EarphonePrice.in was born out of the love of the present-day generation for music on the go. Earphones make it easy to communicate or listen to music while on the commute or even at home.

Our top-notch assortment of modernistic audio products includes true wireless earphones, noise-canceling earphones, Bluetooth earphones, neckbands, and more.

Our team of technical gurus does not compromise on the style and sound quality while bringing you only the best products. Our collection is sleek, stylish, & sounds just as great. So, get your soundtrack in motion with our on-fleek earphones.

What we do?

At EarphonePrice.in, we understand that everyone deserves a unique and glitch-free listening experience. Earphones, just like “Magic Wands from the Harry Potter Movies,” tend to choose their master. Each earphone enthusiast has his/her own requirements when it comes to finding the right earphone.

Our team comprises the best technical enthusiasts that test out earphones for fitness buffs, studio artists, audiophiles, travelers, business personnel, and more.

We bring to you well-tested earphones with a high-resolution design along with accessories. Our sole goal is to introduce a collection of earphones that provide a premium listening experience backed by genuine warranties.


Team Behind EarphonePrice.in​

Parminder Singh

Parminder Singh

Founder & Analyst

ankita choudhary

Anjali Choudhary

Content Manger & Writer

Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar

Graphics Designer & Editer

Md Ayaan

Md Ayaan

Editer & Wrtier

Bhavna Joshi

Bhavna Joshi

Content Writer

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