Best Gaming Earphones Under 1000 in India 2022 (Top 7 Picks)

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We are living in the era of technology. With each passing day, new technologies are being introduced to make our lives easier. Right from communications to entertainment, everything has changed drastically over the past few decades.

Gaming is one area where today’s gamers demand high-quality graphics and top-notch sound effects, which can only be provided by high-end hardware. But what about those who want to enjoy their games without spending big bucks? The answer lies with best gaming earphones under 1000.

Some people may argue that headphones offer better sound than earphones but that is not true. As far as gaming is concerned, earphones provide a much higher degree of accuracy since they fit perfectly into your ears and do not cover any part of the face, unlike headphones which cover the entire ear.

So, while people may still feel that spending over a thousand rupees for a single gadget is not justifiable, there are some products available in this price range which can be called best gaming earphones under 1000.

In this blog, we have selected five such high-end earphones from various brands that offer supreme sound quality and excellent noise isolation without burning too big of a hole in your pocket.

7 Best Gaming Earphones Under 1000 in India

Cosmic Byte Gaming Wired Earphone

2. Cosmic Byte Gaming Wired Earphone

The earphones with ergonomic, small & exquisite design

RPM Euro Games Gaming Earphones with mic

4. RPM Euro Games Gaming Earphones with mic

The best earphones come with premium design & durable Material

CLAW G9X Wired Gaming Earphone

5. CLAW G9X Wired Gaming Earphone

The best earphones come with a large dynamic driver

1. Our Pick

pTron Boom Gaming Wired earphones

The best gaming earphones under 1000

• Perfect for Gaming
• Ergonomic Earphones
• 360° omnidirectional & detachable mic
• 10mm Dynamic Drive

The pTron Boom gaming earphones are a good product that is compatible with most devices and produce quality sound. The price point comes in under 1000. These earphones are the perfect gaming earphones. It has an ergonomic design that is visually appealing.

This earphone is also the best earphones for gaming like pubg, free fire, call of duty etc. The look is also professional without looking too flashy, which means you can wear them out of the house if needed.

The earbuds are angled which ensures that these stay in your ears no matter what activity you are doing.

It’s especially helpful when gaming for long sessions, or during sports were moving around a lot will shake these loose.

What we like 

  • The earphones come with Angled for a secure fit
  • These earphones are Inexpensive and long-lasting
  • It comes with a detachable mic which is very useful while gaming 
  • The earphone comes with a Durable ABS body
  • It has a 3.5mm Aux Jack, compatible with most devices and music players


Ear PlacementIn-Ear
Connector TypeWired
Model NameBoom

2. Runner Up

Cosmic Byte Gaming Wired Earphone

The earphones with ergonomic, small & exquisite design

• Dual microphone design
• convenient for gaming and communicating.
• Lightweight and portable
• 10mm diver unit with clear high
• Ergonomic, small & exquisite design

The Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Wired Gaming Earphone is a new design wired headphone with dual microphones, suitable for gamers as well as those who enjoy listening to music.

The wired earbud comes with a 10mm high-quality driver which helps deliver clear sound at low, medium and high frequencies.

One of the main features of the earphone is that the external microphone can be removed if it’s not needed while using this product, allowing you the freedom to further customize your audio needs. This feature also allows you to use other types of microphones if necessary.

This Gaming Wired Earphone makes it very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The earphones are very lightweight and can be taken on the go with ease.

In addition, this Cosmic Byte headset also comes with a universal 3.5mm connector, allowing you to use this gaming headphone across many devices including laptops, computers and smartphone devices.

What we like 

  • The headset includes two microphones, which are ideal for gaming and conversation.
  • The external microphone can be disabled to turn on the in-line microphone.
  • This audible and haptic feedback is provided by a 9.1mm high-frequency diver unit with clear high, medium, and low-frequency sound.
  • Ergonomic, tiny, and beautiful design with a smooth earbud to make you feel at ease when wearing the earphones.
  • The earphones are lightweight and compact in size.


BrandCosmic Byte
Ear PlacementIn-Ear
Connector TypeWired
Model NameCB-EP-03

3. Budget-friendly

pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver gaming earphones

The budget earphones with dual driver

• In-ear Dual Driver Wired Earphones
• In-line Remote Control with Mic
• 1-year manufacturer warrant
• Premium Design & Durable Material

The pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver gaming earphones offers clear and crisp sound quality that enables the users to listen to all kinds of music genres without any noise interference/hissing sounds etc.

It also features a 12mm Dynamic Speaker and a 10 mm Subwoofer which ensures high frequency up to 20 kHz and deep bass output. The Tangle-free 1.2 metre flat cable can also be worn behind your head for convenience, making them ideal for travel or commute.

The Gold Plated 3.5mm Audio Jack is compatible with various 3.5 mm aux port devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops & computers.

The in-line remote control with mic & volume controls make it easy to take calls or change tracks from a distance without having to touch your device.

While the ergonomic design makes them comfortable and durable, giving you pure musical pleasure without any interruption or compromise on sound effect/clarity/bass/balance etc.

Which makes these headphones a great addition to the audio gadgets that are required for music lovers!

What we like

  • 4D Dual Driver gaming earphones offers clear and crisp sound quality
  • The earphone comes with Tangle-free 1.2 metre flat cable
  • Comes with Easy to Carry Around Pouch
  • This 3.5mm to 2.5mm stereo converter is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops/computers, and other 3.5mm aux port multi-media devices
  • It has Balanced Tones and Deep Bass for a Complete Musical Experience


Ear PlacementIn-Ear
ColourDark Blue
Connector TypeWired
Model NameBoom Ultima

4. Premium choice

RPM Euro Games Gaming Earphones with mic

The best earphones come with Premium Design & Durable Material

• Comes with a detachable mic
• volume controller
• lightweight
• wire length 1.2 m
• Noise Cancelling 4D Stereo Sound

The RPM Euro Games Gaming Earphones with mic is a high-quality gaming headset that comes complete with a detachable microphone and volume controller.

The RPM Euro Games Gaming Earphone are lightweight so they are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time, are compatible with all types of MP3 players, iPod’s, iPhone’s, CD Players etc so you can enjoy your favourite video games on console systems such as the PlayStation 3 or even PC games.

The Earphones boast 4D Stereo sound which offers an amazing virtual surround sound effect during gameplay by producing high-frequency bass tones which really immerses you into the game.

This ensures that problem-solving in first-person shooters becomes easier because enemy locations will be much easier to pinpoint.

The RPM Euro Games Gaming Earphones with mic is supplied complete with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

What we like 

  • They are very light and comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time.
  • Volume controller included
  • Detachable microphone (compatible with Xbox 360) as well as all types of MP3 players etc
  • High quality 4D Stereo sound provides an excellent virtual surround sound effect by pinpointing enemy location easily in first-person shooters


BrandRPM Euro Games
Ear PlacementIn-Ear
Connector TypeWired
Model NameGEP01

5. Most Versatile

CLAW G9X Wired Gaming Earphones

The best earphones come with a large dynamic driver

• 3D Stereo Sound
• Noise Cancelling Mic
• You can adjust 360° its detachable mic
• Robust & Rugged Cable
• Comfortable Fit with Noise Isolation

CLAW G9X gaming headsets are specially designed for gamers and provide superior sound quality, comfort and durability. The CLAW G9X is a wireless pair that features dual 10mm, dynamic drivers, inside each earpiece for rich bass and clear audio.

You’ll be able to hear footsteps and gunshots clearly as you know your enemies’ location thanks to the 3D the detachable boom mic is 360° adjustable to pick up your voice clearly delivering accurate communication.

Remove the boom microphone to utilize the in-line microphone when you’re not gaming. The 1.2 m cable is made of a tough textured TPE substance, and the 3.5 mm gold-plated plug has a 45-degree angle for added durability. The ergonomically angled earbuds fit securely in your ears, providing excellent noise isolation.

The earphones come with three different sizes of ear-tips for a customized fit. We’ve got gamers in the area to try out the G9X and they think it’s a great pair of headphones for playing games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, CS: GO, FIFA, and many more.

The CLAW G9X Gaming Earphones are constructed of high-quality components and come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

What we like

  • The Large 10mm dynamic driver produces resonant bass and clear audio.
  • The detachable boom microphone is adaptable, allowing you to get the ideal speaking position.
  • The 1.2 m cable is made of a textured TPE material that is both durable and flexible.
  • The ergonomically angled earbuds fit securely deep inside the ear.


Ear PlacementIn-Ear
Connector TypeWired
Model NameG9X


In the end, all the earphones we have mentioned here are from reputed companies and can be trusted to provide high-quality audio during gaming sessions.

But we prefer pTron Boom Gaming Wired earphones is performing well in all factors.

It comes down to personal taste and preference since all of them offer excellent performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Are the Best Gaming Earphones Under 1000?

It is very difficult to say which is earphones under 1000 because there are many earphones available on the market. But according to our experience, PTron Boom Gaming Wired earphones is the best gaming earphone under 1000.

Is Bass Good for Gaming?

Yes, the bass is good for gaming, but not too powerful. It has a rich clear sound to it.

Which Earphone Is Best for Pubg?

According to our gaming experience, Cosmic Byte CB-EP-03 Gaming Wired Earphone is the best earphones for pubg.

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