Which is the Cheap and Best Bluetooth Earphones? (5 Picks)

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Are searching online which is the cheap and best Bluetooth earphones? In the era where going wireless is all we strive for, Bluetooth earphones are at the prime of their popularity. Whether you are someone who loves to listen to music on the go or while working out, these best and cheap Bluetooth earphones take away the hassles of dealing with wired earpieces.

But, how would you select the cheap Bluetooth earphones without stumbling on any substandard option?

Well, here is a complete guide to help you select the right earphones lowest price!

Before we start the review of BlueTooth earphones you can check our top pick here.

Our Pick

pTron Tangent Evo Earphone With Deep Base

The best earphone under less price

In our tests the pTron Tangent Evo Earphone become a best cheap headphone. The main feature of this earphone is 14 Hour playback battery with fast charging.

Why we like it: The pTron Tangent Evo Earphone offers 14 hours playback battery backup. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology that allows you to listen to music from a particular area from your mobile. Its IPX4 water-resistance technology allows you these headphones during running or any heavy workout. You can also use its voice assistance to access your mobile phone. The main reason we select this as the best earphone is because of the cheap price and best quality.

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Which is the Cheap and Best Bluetooth Earphones? (Top 5 Picks for you)

Let’s dive into the deep review of each listed product.

1. Our Pick

pTron Tangent Evo Earphone With Deep Base

The best earphone under less price

In our tests the pTron Tangent Evo Earphone become a best cheap headphone. The main feature of this earphone is 14 Hour playback battery with fast charging.

Are you someone who loves to listen to music for hours? Well, you have stumbled upon the right choice! The pTron Tangent Evo is a Bluetooth earphone that is best suited to hours of music listening without the need to be charged every now and then. The earphone packs in 14+ hours worth of playback time with a deep bass that is perfect for music on the go. 

The earphone fits in snug on your neck and comes with magnetic earbuds that stay in place even if you move around a lot. The best thing about this earphone is the fact that it comes with support for voice assistants. Its built-in HD microphone helps deliver music without any distortion. 


Ergonomic design that doesn’t slip from its place

Features an IPX4 water-resistant design

Dynamic sound experience with immersive stereo design


It might glitch out when connected to the laptop

Battery drains out faster when connected for internet calls

2. Runner Up

boAt Rockerz 255 Earphones With 8Hrs Playback

Quality earphone with brand value

The boAt Rockerz 255 Earphones offers lightweight design, powerful HD sound, deep boosted bass, Bluetooth 5.0 technology with 8 hours battery backup. We choose this because this product has lived up to our quality parameters.

Featuring 8+ hours of battery life with a single charge, the Boat Rockerz 255 in-ear earphone is a good choice for someone who loves to work out with music on the side. This earphone is light in weight and features a powerful HD-quality sound with deeply boosted bass. 

The earphone allows you to enjoy smooth connectivity with the help of its top-notch Bluetooth technology. The uncompromised craftsmanship involves the use of premium quality material that includes metal housing designed to resist any abrasions. With its inline controls, one can easily change the volume, attend calls, activate Siri, or skip tracks. 


Features support for Smartphone assistants via voice control

It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

IPX5 design with Bluetooth 5.0 


Connecting neck wires are a bit thin

Hard on the ear, could do with a bit of cushioning on the buds

3. Upgrade Pick

Boult Audio ProBass X1-Air With 10Hrs Playback

Future Proof-Water Resistant Neckband

Boult Audio ProBass built in micro woofers that produce crystal clear deep base which mean it will isolate you from any type of noisy environments.

Do you need a Bluetooth earphone that is soft on your ears and fits in well? The Boult Audio ProBass X1 is something that fits in snug on your ears without being too hard on the ear canal. Moreover, the earphone features a long battery life with playback of 10 hours or more. 

The earphone requires only 1 to 1.5 hours of charging with a 3 month-long standby time. The Bluetooth earphone features an off-axis magnetic design with oval-shaped earbuds. The nozzle is angled at a sharp 60 degrees for the tunnels and directs the sound right into the ear. This also renders a noise isolation feature that helps cross out all the unnecessary sounds outside. 


Dura-Flexi band with a lightweight design that sits comfortably on the neck

Inline controls for volume and receiving a call 

Features built-in micro woofers for robust sound quality


Label says water-resistant, but certain parts are susceptible to water

The neckband isn’t as flexible 

4. Most Versatile

TAGG ProBuds Bluetooth Earphones 8-10 Playback

Best with transmission range of 10M

TAGG ProBuds Bluetooth Earphones is best for that person who want to keep his/her mobile in safe place then listen music in 10 meter of area.

Are you someone who tends to love a quick walk in the outdoors? Well, a water-resistant earphone would be a good tech to accompany you on your journey. The Tagg ProBuds Bluetooth Earphones are ideal for your daily exercises or adventure journeys.

Moreover, the sweatproof design allows you to work out without having to worry about the earphone facing issues. 

The multi-functional controls help you change tracks, attend calls, or adjust volume simply with one click. The in-build microphone design makes it super convenient for attending calls. Its lightweight and flexible design can hang around your neck for hours without you feeling exhausted. 


Delivers a powerful backup time of 8 to 10 hours for music

It has a powerful 10M transmission range

IPX5 design to ensure resistance to water & outdoor usage


Buttons work slowly; change isn’t instantaneous

Isn’t good as a noise-cancellation device

5. Smart Choice

Portronics Harmonics 216 HD with High Bass

The best ear phone with noise reduction

Portronics Harmonics earphone ideal for travel companion. this earphone offers the best noise reduction in noisy area.

With long-lasting battery power, the Portronics Harmonics Bluetooth earphone aces the game when it comes to the supernova listening experience. The earphone provides you 7+ hours of an uninterrupted musical playback session.

The best thing about the earphone is the fact that you can charge it in 20 minutes or less to get 4+ hours of musical playback. 

The Bluetooth 5.0 delivers lower consumption of energy while connecting to your Smartphone in a seamless manner. The device also supports a twin connectivity design. This means you can easily connect your headset with two different Smartphones in one go.

The earphone is crafted with skin-friendly and soft silicone material to avoid any contact abrasion on your neck.


IPX5 rating for water and sweat resistance

Smart inline volume control buttons with hi-fi microphone design

Magnetic latch added to the earbuds for fall prevention


The in-built microphone isn’t of the best quality

It doesn’t clear off the background noise

Buying Guide for the Best Cheap Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

The biggest part of getting you a good wireless earphone is to check out whether it is true wireless or just wireless. Here is a guide to help you understand more. 

Understanding the Difference between Wireless and True Wireless Earphones

If you are someone who tends to lose their items, the true wireless earphones might not be something you would want. They do provide the convenience of a wire-free experience; there is a huge chance that you might lose one or the other earbud. 

Ever since Bluetooth technology came into being, wireless earphones became a standard in the market. These battery-powered earphones aren’t actually connected to your Smartphone. However, they do have a connecting cord for the buds. It might also have a sturdy band that goes around your neck to provide a better fit. 

On the other hand, the true wireless design doesn’t have any cords whatsoever. These earphones allow you to be away from your Smartphones and still remain connected. 

Features to Look for in your Best Cheap Bluetooth Earphones

All wireless Bluetooth earphones aren’t equal. Each one has its own USP. This means you need to round out a feature that you actually need while deducting the unnecessary add-ons. Here is a complete list of features you need to check out for in a Bluetooth earphone.

1. Ear-Tip Design

An important aspect of selecting Bluetooth earphones is to check out their ear-tip design. The tips crafted from silicone are good for your ears and are soft with a snug fit on the canal. However, a design that is too shallow or too small won’t seal in perfectly on your ears. If your earbuds come with a memory foam design, it would be an added advantage for the users. The goal is to hunt for a snug fit. 

2. Battery Life

Most earbud manufacturers quote their average playtime at the 3 to 5 hours mark. Any earbud that falls in this range is an amazing choice for your daily use. You can count off 20 percent of the stated runtime, and you get your average number for the overall battery life. Apart from that, you also need to keep in mind the overall charging time. An earphone that takes too long to charge might not be ideal for someone who is always on the move. 

3. Sound Control

Expensive Bluetooth earphone models come with control buttons or pads that can be tapped on to increase the volume, issue various voice commands, skip the track, or even take calls. 

4. Noise Cancellation Design

Wireless earphones tend to offer a noise-cancellation feature that helps reduce any unnecessary sounds that might disturb your music listening experience. However, this feature does eat away from your battery power. So, if you plan to invest in a wireless earphone that lasts for hours on your commute, a noise-cancellation feature could reduce the overall timing.


With these points in mind, you can invest in pTron Tangent Evo Earphone that is best for your daily adventures. Listen to music or invest in a hardcore workout; this earphone will be by your side for years without getting damaged. On the plus side, you don’t even have to invest a lot in these masterpieces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap Bluetooth earphones safe?

Yes, cheap Bluetooth earphones are completely safe for use. Most Bluetooth earphones are designed to emit the lowest levels of non-ionizing radiation. This low-level exposure is neither harmful to humans or the living beings surrounding your environment. Even the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration has approved Bluetooth earphones and rendered them safe for human use. 

Is a cheap wireless earphone any good?

Not all cheap wireless earphones are good, but there are some in the market that are designed to be at their effective best. They are also at par with some of the top-notch, high-end earphones without compromising on the quality. Popular brands in the market for cheap wireless earphones include Boat, Portronics, pTronn, and more.

Why are some wireless earbuds so low in volume?

Due to certain OS in the Smartphone, it might seem that the volume of your wireless earphone is particularly low. This can generally be resolved by disabling the Absolute Volume feature on your Bluetooth settings. On the other hand, in certain Smartphones, you might find this setting in the device’s Developer Options. 

How can you make the earbud’s Sound Clearer?

There are 4 steps to make your wireless earbud sound clearer. Here is how you can do that in a flawless way:
1. Place the earbud properly in the ear canal, ensure that the tip is completely inside
2. Clean the earbuds on a regular basis
3. Amplify the sound by using foam ear tips to ensure a snug fit
4. Utilize the EQ settings located in the Smartphone 

Which is the cheap and best Bluetooth earphones?

pTron Tangent Evo is a cheap and best Bluetooth earphone with 14Hrs Playback, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones with Deep Bass, IPX4 Water Resistance, Ergonomic & Snug-fit, Voice Assistance, Magnetic Earbuds & Built-in HD Mic (Black).

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